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About us page

Hezhou Academic Consultants exists primarily to support Chinese academics pursuing careers in international scholarship.

We offer bespoke editing, translation and consultancy services to clients wishing to publish high-quality research in English aimed at an international audience.  We also offer skills training to research students and academics seeking to further their careers at the international level.

What our clients say

“The consultant had extensive education, rich and solid professional knowledge, keen academic insight, and was practical and rigorous, which I deeply appreciate”

An editing client, Social sciences, 2021-2022

“He was very good at interview training. Because I have no experience, and I am not very confident using English for interviews, he first checked my ability, and then gave me detailed advice based on common problems at interview according to my needs.  The result was that I successfully passed the interview and got the offer”

A client applying for PhD in Australia, 2021-2022.

“The consultant had a relevant academic background and was familiar with the scientific research process and methods. The guidance given was very professional and considered, the wording appropriate and accurate, and the expression fluent. He was able to make targeted suggestions according to my individual needs, and was very patient and responsible.”

An editing client, Economics, 2021-2022

Company purposes

We hope to facilitate scientific exchange and build the profile and credibility of Chinese researchers by assisting in the publication of high-quality research.  Our clients’ original research outputs are assessed by our team against common standards in international scholarship and research ethics; we will not assist in the publication of materials that do not meet such standards.  In addition to ensuring quality, we also strive for efficiency, affordability, and a friendly and personalised service.